Value Proposition

Smallholder finance represents the single biggest opportunity for scale and impact in financial inclusion today. More than 70% of the World’s poor are farmers, yet only 3% of the demand for smallholder finance is currently being met.


Propagate will influence and support the financial inclusion sector to increase the overall quality and availability of viable smallholder financial services. We will work to ensure smallholder finance supports greater farmer productivity and access to markets, leading to more sustainable farms and more prosperous farmers.

Call To Action

To deliver our goal of greater quality and availability of smallholder financial services, Propagate will: 


  • Lower barriers to entry: Coalition members will share best practices, common principles and lessons learned to increase FSPs’ capacity to deliver smallholder and value chain financing that enhances farmer productivity.


  • Enable growth: Coalition members aim to influence the availability and structure of wholesale financing to attract appropriate investment and better support the growth of smallholder finance services


  • Create partnerships: Coalition members will develop commercial and operational partnerships that drive product development and innovation in smallholder finance and create stronger value chains for farmers.

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Farmer photo credit: Vision Fund